Berry Compliant Keder Products

Keder Solutions uses American-Made products whenever and wherever possible. They are proud to offer Berry Amendment Keder for purchase and customization.

“Made in America” means excellence and integrity now more than ever.
Keder Solutions takes deep pride in the spirit of our great nation. Since 1941 the US Government has invested in the US Economy by purchasing “American Made” fabrics. The Berry Amendment was implemented, a provision that mandates the Department of Defense (DoD) to only work with companies that produce certain materials in the United States.
Through innovation, fine craftsmanship, and loyalty – some of this nation’s core values – Keder Solutions manufactures a robust line of Berry Compliant Keder configurations.
Berry Compliance means we are an integral part of something greater than all of us alone. Keder Solutions is grateful for our Home and the integrity for which it stands. A worthy merit that means we guarantee excellence in inventory and revolutionary ingenuity thanks to our workforce that proudly flies The Red, White, and Blue, our commitment to the USA is eternally resolute.
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