When met with a porch project and a PPE request, Jared G., Vice President of a custom-shade company, knew exactly where to turn for the perfect materials.

An East Coast-based producer of commodity products such as window shades, venetian blinds and other interior-blind and shade designs first found Keder Solutions when their client mentioned using keder on a project. Unsure of what keder even was, Jared set out to find it. After a bit of research, he came across our website and was enamored with our products –– specifically, our fabric options.

“I noticed that Keder Solutions sold fabric, and kept it in mind for a future project. When we began producing exterior motorized shades, I knew who to call. I created an account and began purchasing fabric.”

One fabric in particular has been highly used in this company’s projects: Keder Solutions SUPERCLEAR 3000. This 30-gauge, transparent PVC vinyl offers lasting wear from outdoor elements, including ultraviolet and mildew resistance. Its applications are ideal for doorways, windows, structural builds and marine applications, which is why the company found it to be perfect for their needs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic waged on, two things happened: more people had time to focus on home projects, and schools that wished to return to in-person classes needed PPE solutions for their students and staff. Luckily, this custom shade company knew what material could tackle both challenges.

First, the company used SUPERCLEAR™ 3000 to create their enclosed porch system. To turn a screened-in porch into an enclosed porch instantly, Jared worked with a local window company to create an exterior motorized shade that rolls out and retracts to reveal the screen. But, instead of using a shade, our SUPERCLEAR™ fabric allows for a beautiful view from the porch.

Next, when local schools were looking for a way to create COVID-safe retractable barriers for their school buses and classrooms, Jared knew where to source high-quality, clear vinyl: Keder Solutions. The company developed these clear barriers as a solution to keeping bus drivers safe while students can still socialize safely with their bus mates.

Overall, the custom shade company has been elated with their SUPERCLEAR™ 3000 purchases in the two years they’ve been working with Keder Solutions. Its applications have been perfect for their clients’ needs, and Jared always knows where to turn for the highest quality fabric and vinyl for his upcoming projects.


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