Keder Solutions’ Client Spotlight is shining bright on the expert manufacturers of tension fabric buildings, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures of South Windsor, Connecticut. Known as the problem-solvers of any application challenge, ClearSpan™ provides customized, fabric-structure solutions for both domestic and international industries. From Agricultural, Athletic and Aviation Industries to Commercial, Military, Equestrian and everything in between—ClearSpan™ has the building and storage solution for every industry from A-Z.

If you know anything about Keder Solutions, you know that we absolutely LOVE showing off what our clients are up to; we also love illustrating the variety of solutions that are put into play every day with the help of Keder Solutions’ products. From start to seamless-finish, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures’ building and storage projects will never disappoint.

ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures Profile

ClearSpan™  provides fabric structures that are durable, economical and designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are custom engineered for location and application, provide energy-efficient solutions, optimized space and allow for a variety of accessories to suit each client’s needs. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and are easy to relocate.   From conceptualization and engineering to installation— ClearSpan™ stands by each building and fabric structure with a 50-year frame warranty and 20-year cover warranty. With the help of Keder Solutions’ Keder products, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures are not only ready to stand the test of time, their beauty starts from the inside-out.

What is Structure Keder:

Structure Keder is commonly used in the tenting, temporary and permanent structure industry. Keder is an attachment mechanism that secures a tight and smooth connection between vinyl tops & sidewalls to Keder Rail/structure. Keder Solutions’ Keder can be used on all major structure & frame tents which makes us a perfect partner for ClearSpan™.  Products commonly used in this industry include:  Keder, Vinyl, Rails, Gator Hangers®, Keder Rail Clamps, Repair Tape.  When a structure Keder supply company like Keder Solutions partners with the leaders of at ClearSpan™, the end result is undisputed, fabric structure perfection.

ClearSpan™ Brings Home an ‘ACE!’ 

A little unpredictable weather didn’t stop ClearSpan™ from finding a solution for the Cape Henry Racquet Club. With five outdoor courts, the Cape Henry Racquet Club found it was losing out to Mother Nature due to cancelled lessons. The ClearSpan™ Solution: a 120 x 106 Hercules Truss Arch Building that allowed for natural light for tennis players, provided the business with an energy-efficient solution– and most importantly saved them from losing revenue due to weather conditions and cancelled lessons. Bonus Solution: the new building also doubles as an event space for banquets and parties up to 200 guests— making this project a beautiful ‘game-set-match’ for ClearSpan™.

tennis fabric structure clearspan

Featured Keder Solutions’ Products Used: Keder Solutions’ Double Flap Keder.

Big congratulations to our partners ClearSpan™ for their trail-blazing fabric structure solutions and a very, special ‘thank you’ in allowing us to show the world how all of your projects are truly “Beautiful from the Inside-Out”. To see more Keder Beautiful Projects from ClearSpan stay tuned to Keder Solutions News. To find your fabric structure solution visit the experts at ClearSpan™ today.