Our Clients Have a Lot to Say

We have been working with Keder Solutions since they opened their doors.
They ship rapidly, and have never let us down when we need product.

Fred Tracy

Fred's Tents

We use Keder Solutions because of their superior product as well as their outstanding service. It is nice to have a supplier that cares about developing a quality product just as much as we do in our manufacturing!

Chris Harrison

Superior Structures

It is working even better than we expected. It is a great time saver for us. We will be ordering more soon

Jasen  Falahee

Marygrove Awning Company

Just wanted you to know the keder came in great!  We appreciate how easy it is to work with your company.

Julie Miller

Lincoln Tent

Keder Rail Hangers are a staple in our manufacturing division. We wouldn’t sell our products without using the highest quality components in durability, and Keder Solutions’ Keder Rail Hangers are definitely a top choice in our kedered sidewalls.

Robyn  Miller

Avalon Tent Mfg Inc.

We are constantly replacing other manufacture’s keder with keder from Keder Solutions. It’s tough and holds up great.
Great product. Great service. Great people. —Keder Solutions.

Andy Nolan

Chattanooga Tent