Keder has rolled out a new variety of color options for our line of KS1400™ vinyl. This fabric is now available in five colors and is the first of our product lines to offer more than two colors, making it more versatile than ever.

“The [KS1400™ vinyl] is amazing. We love the way it welds and how strong and durable it is. Excited to see the colors – thanks for everything!”

These new colors were inspired by a custom order from a client in Oklahoma. Working directly with the client, we selected the hues and tones for their order of KS1400™ vinyl, which resulted in our new vibrant color selections: red, yellow, green and blue. Though this was a specific request, we work with all our clients to create the exact fabrics and color varieties needed. 

After building their first tent with the new fabric, the client shared, “The KS1400™ vinyl is amazing. We love the way it welds and how strong and durable it is.”

KS1400™ is laminated and translucent, keeping it light and easy to handle, but durable enough to last years. This client used their vinyl for tenting, but our fabric is compatible with a variety of projects, like pool covers, tarps, marine projects, and more. 

Our KS1400™ line, along with a wide selection of other fabrics, are available for purchase at any time. Any color can be made custom to your needs and we offer color matching for our other product lines to meet you or your clients’ needs.

To find size, price, color selection and other specs, visit our website. For custom orders or other questions, please call (888) 727-7050.