Warmer months, longer days and summertime socializing are ahead—that means it’s time to prepare for event season. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale professional event, having the right building materials for your venue’s structure and signage is crucial. Keder Solutions is here with everything you need to put together the right structure for your event.

The foundation of any event structure or soft signage is keder and keder rail. Keder Rail is used to build the skeleton of your structure, creating vinyl connection points for the roof and siding, or it can be the framework for your soft signage or banners you’ll hang at the function. Keder –– double or single flap –– is adhered to our vinyl and secured within our keder rail to create a taut vinyl look.

Speaking of vinyl and fabric, our selection is ideal for signage printing and for tent roofs and sidewalls. Whether you need SUPERCLEAR™ vinyl for transparent windows or our variety of colors in the KS1400™ fabric, your structure can be built to whatever specifications you need.

Finally, outfit your event structure and signage with the proper accessories. Our Hang-Tite™ Hangers offer an easy, no-sew way to hang your signage or structure sidewalls. For a hanger that is compatible with keder rail, consider our selection of Crocodile Hangers™ that screw into fabric and slide into a keder track. 

Keder Solutions is excited to be a part of your events this summer and we want you to be ready with all the materials you’ll need. Place your order for any of the products mentioned in this blog by contacting your sales representative or reaching us at 1 (888) 727-7050 today.