A common challenge contractors and manufacturers encounter when using keder and rail is when fabric snags on an in-rail screw. It slows you down, causes headaches, and in a worst-case scenario, you may have to replace your keder or rail. That’s why we developed our newest product, Flat-Back™ Keder.

Our new take on the classic Keder features a shield-shaped, PVC core that allows for more room between the keder and rail. It is effortless to install and can fit into even the snuggest of tracks. By design, it is significantly less prone to snagging or ripping when sliding through a rail with in-rail screws.

This alternate Keder design also features our DuraKeder™ fully-bonding process, making Flat-Back Keder one of our toughest products. DuraKeder™ bonds every edge of our Keder’s PVC core with the fabric, ensuring the fabric will hold to the keder even when cut or torn. And when you customize your keder with our water resistant fabric, Flat-Back Keder becomes even more resistant. It is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Stocking up on Flat-Back Keder can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. Instead of carrying multiple sizes of keder to remedy imperfections in your rail’s installation, save time and resources with one size of Flat-Back Keder that is designed to navigate those snags for a smooth connection.

To learn more about this new product and how you can use it in your builds, call a sales representative today at (414) 744-6000.