Keder Solutions’ Hang-Tite Hangers™ eliminate common problems associated with tent sidewalls and banners such as pinholes caused by sharp metal edges on other hooks and discoloring rust marks.

Follow these simple steps to install your Hang-Tite Hangers™:

  1. Equipment: first gather all the equipment you will need to install your Hang-Tite Hangers™ including: a hammer, a punch set (also available for purchase) and safety glasses
  2. Prep Fabric: before you begin installing, first punch holes (using the punch set and hammer) in the fabric to ready it for the hangers.
  3. Next gather a button and a body of the Hang-Tite Hanger™. Place the button through the pre-punched hole ensuring that it is snug. Next, place the body of the hanger on the opposite side of the fabric and press down firmly until you hear a ‘click’. That is it! SO Simple!

Why Keder Solutions’ Hang-Tite Hangers™?

Still not sure if Hang-Tite Hangers™ are for you? Check out ALL the reasons why they are the perfect solution for your next tent wall and banner project:

  • It Replaces Grommets
  • Easily Replaced in the Field
  • High Performance Nylon Resin
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Extremely Durable
  • Won’t Rust or Stain Fabric
  • Will not Damage Your Fabric During Routine Maintenance & Care
  • No Sewing (None!)


Want to see more? Head on over to Keder TV and see the installation of Hang-Tite Hangers in action!

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