Keder Awning

Keder Solutions offers unsurpassed products & supplies for Awning Construction

Commercial, Retail & Residential Awning Applications look for unique ways to protect their guests from the elements, while gaining maximum attention, increasing drive-by appeal and maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to a combination of technological advancement, creative engineering of new materials, and sheer demand, modern properties are adding awnings & fixtures to their facades that are not only stunning but practical.  To reach the cross-section between functionality and fashion, one must have the appropriate materials to develop a custom awning that can achieve both.

Your end-product is as good as what you put into it and we provide the perfect ingredients for your commercial or residential applications. Quality & durability are paramount in ensuring ease of use and installation: Keder, Keder Rails, a large inventory of PVC Fabrics & Vinyl, and a plethora of Awning Accessories. We also provide basic awning repair materials, such as Double-Sided Hemming Tape & Keder Repair Tape for maintaining & patching.

The versatility and convenience Keder Solutions provides, comes from our understanding that there’s nothing like the Great Outdoors – especially when you have the subtle ability to sidestep Nature’s unpredictability. Allow us to help cultivate an outdoor experience all of your clients or guests will never forget- Contact Keder Solutions