Keder Custom Manufacturing

Keder Solutions understands the perfect fix for an unorthodox problem requires bold unconventionality & custom solutions

Every now and again, the perfect resolution for a project is outside traditional methods.  There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution for modern & versatile applications. However, modern innovations and imagination grant the ability to customize to your specific requirements.

Keder Solutions has the resources to deliver custom manufacturing solutions to suit your applications & needs.

We carry a full line of PVC Fabrics & Vinyl and can accommodate requests for special gauge/weights, colors, coatings and slit widths. 

Custom Keder Rails can be engineered for specialty applications including, tensile fabric structures, permanent architecture attachments, boat awnings, and tailor-made Accessories that complement the most specific circumstances. Keder Products can also be customized; color, flap width, Keder Cording diameter, etc… Let us know what you need.

Keder Solutions’ flexibility in manufacturing allows us the versatility to help with a variety of custom temporary buildings, marine tops, signage applications, or maintenance supplies for virtually any situation.  Especially in an industry as challenging as a temporary shelter and adaptable covering, it takes a comprehensive offering, alongside experience to satisfy the diversity of issues, so we can stay inventively consistent.

Our clients don’t fit any specific mold or have any single request- other than to have an unsurpassed defense in many environments from something as unpredictable as the weather.  A groundbreaking and commercial way to develop, cover, seal, and fix today’s extensive demands for everything from large event tents to marine awning repair, our custom solutions can meet any requirement.  

Contact Keder Solutions to discuss your project needs.