Winter is here, along with its unforgiving weather conditions. Whether it’s torrential rain in Louisiana or heavy snows in New York, the elements won’t hold back from damaging your temporary structure or signs. When erecting your build, nothing gives you more confidence than using products that fight back against harsh conditions – that’s where Keder Solutions steps in.

Whether it’s a commercial tent, home awning or outdoor signage, Keder Solutions offers a variety of products that help extend the life and look of your build, from moisture-wicking to rust-proof solutions.

CULPRIT: Resting Water or Snow

Though most vinyl is naturally waterproof, other fabrics and components in your build may not be.  

To further defend your structure from harmful water build-up, we recommend using our moisture-wicking fabric. Fabric innately absorbs water, which is why we’ve developed Keder Fabric that wicks away any moisture it comes in contact with. 

This helps waterproof your build, reducing damage from water and ice while preserving the look of your structure and making it even easier to clean. 

Ideal for commercial structures, awnings, marine textiles, and furnishings.

CULPRIT: Wet, Cold Wind

Few things are more chilling than an unexpected cold draft. When building a sealed space that must keep out unwanted wind or moisture, metal zippers just won’t cut it.

To get a water-tight seal for any tent entryway, we recommend Keder Solutions’ DriZip™ Industrial Zipper.  Our reliable silicone zipper is wind and waterproof, maintaining a tight seal that conveniently protects structures’ interiors from the elements. Easy to open and a breeze to close, it creates a seal you can depend on. 

Perfect for light-duty, flat or horizontal closure applications, DriZip™ can be welded, stitched, or bonded with glues or adhesives to a variety of plastic, woven, or non-woven material.

This is a 2-track system that works in conjunction with our DriZip™ Zipper Slide.

Ideal for commercial structures, clean/decontamination rooms, and dry storage.

CULPRIT: Rust and Oxidation

Untreated metal components in structures – such as metal grommets and hangers – rust over time. This leads to a constant need for replacement parts and causes lasting, unsightly stains on your build – an expensive inconvenience.

To save your structure, time, and money, we recommend replacing untreated metal hooks, hangers, and other metal accessories with easy-to-use Hang-Tite Hangers™ and Crocodile Hangers™.

Swapping metal accessories with our rust-proof hangers eliminates common problems associated with tent sidewalls and banners. Hang-Tite Hangers™ and Crocodile Hangers™ affix without a sewing machine, making them installable on site. Pinholes caused by sharp metal edges on other hooks and discoloring rust marks become a thing of the past. Additionally, its user-friendly components significantly speed up the installation process.

Ideal for commercial structures and outdoor signage.

Regardless of the season, one needs to ensure safety and comfort for any build.  This requires convenient methods engineered to fit a multitude of situations. We put ingenuity, craftsmanship and affordability into every product we make. Visit our website and contact a sales representative today to place your order for any of the products listed above!