The supply chain issues of today continue to be a complex problem that comes with no easy answers. The disruption in the supply chain was first seen through the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued to have lasting effects with people wondering if it will ever end.

Many companies have seen a 4–6-week timeline just on shipping, while others have faced over 5 months lead time in production materials creating a downward shift in positive expectations and positive conditions in the manufacturing world. Many manufacturers are also facing limited supplies for substitute material – those that can be used when the preferred is not in supply, and in some cases, there are no substitutes, so manufacturers are left to ‘deal with it’.

Keder Solutions is doing its best to combat this issue through a mix of different tools and strategies that allow us to see less than 2-week lead times, and in many cases shipping in 3-5 days. We always keep 3 months of inventory in our warehouse to accommodate a supplier shortage or demand spike. Our Sales and Operations Planning focuses on routinely reviewing customer demand and supply resources and “re-plans” quantitatively across the business. Agile Manufacturing places a strong focus on rapid response to the customer, which gives us a competitive advantage and makes sure our customers receive a quality experience. Supplier managed inventories allows the supplier to generate orders for the customer based on their demand. This is a continuous replenishment process in which the supplier is better able to anticipate the amount of product it needs. Giving suppliers access into these systems gives us that competitive advantage to stay ahead of any possible shortages. Time alone is not going to fix the supply chain issue, which is why these strategies have become an integral part of our successful business model.

One of the biggest questions facing companies today is, despite the delays, when is a good time to make a purchase to ensure it gets here in a timely manner. As we have seen in recent years, it’s hard to plan long-term. So, at Keder Solutions, we want to make sure you do the same things you did before these supply chain issues arose – do your research, find your moment, and move forward with intention. Keder Solutions will make sure we’re here to back you up.

Headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Keder Solutions is an innovative company that has specialized in problem solving. From product modification to custom engineering, our capabilities can accurately and efficiently service almost any request. Keder Solutions supports a variety of performance markets, including tents and awnings, industrial curtains, marine products, structures, and other technical applications.