Keder Solutions takes pride in those we serve and the hard workers who ultimately use our products. It’s our priority that our products make your job more convenient and effortless. That’s why we created our latest innovation—the Hang-Tite Hanger™.

You may be surprised how a simple hanger can make such a difference. Let’s see why they’re such a breakthrough.

How do Keder Solutions’ Hang-Tite Hangers™ Work?

Hang-Tite Hangers™ are as secure as they are straightforward. Unlike metal clamps that require grommets and must be sewn into sidewalls or banners, Hang-Tite Hangers only need a small hole for the hold button to punch through and clasp into the hanger on the other side. This simple connection method makes it fast to install and reduces the likelihood of tearing, even when washed.

Our hangers are designed to clasp any textile to a cable or wire without damaging the fabric—no special tools required. And because they pop on and off, you can easily tweak your hanging sidewalls or banners on the spot. You can be confident your fabric will stay upright once locked into place.

Made Of High-Grade Fade-Resistant Resin Stronger Than PVC

Unlike metal hangers that rust and stain fabric over time, Hang-Tite Hangers™ are made of durable nylon resin with UV inhibitors stronger than PVC. That’s why, as with all Keder Solutions products, Hang-Tite Hangers™ come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Watch the video above from Keder TV to see how easy Hang-Tite Hangers can be for your keder needs.  Also, don’t forget to check out our blog on how to install your Hang-Tite Hangers™, feel free to browse our e-commerce store, or contact us to find the right Keder Solution for you!