What is Keder

Keder, also known as: Ketter, Keter Kedder, Kador, Sail Rope, Edge Reinforcement and Hem rope, is used in a variety of industries to create a continuous, waterproof connection between fabric and frame. In the tenting and structure industry it is used to connect sidewalls of the tent/structure. In the marine industry it is used it to seal boat enclosures. For the awning and patio industry –or even for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts, Keder is used to seal patios and awnings. Other common uses of Keder include pool covers, truck side signs, shades, cloths, blinds, curtains, sails, banners, or any textile cloth in tension.

Styles and Sizes

At Keder Solutions, we manufacture a multitude of Keder sizes to fit any Keder project. Our Keder sizes range from 3mm to 15mm and come in single flap, double flap, and welded flap. We can also accommodate custom sizes and colors of Keder upon request.

Different Keder- Different Applications

Single Flap: consisting of one flap, this style Keder can be welded or sewn to your material. Single Flap Keder comes in 4mm-15mm sizes in white, black, and silver colors. Industries Single Flap is most used in includes the awning, sign, and banner industries.

Welded Flap: both sides of the fabric are welded together creating a single weld and must be sewn to your material. Our Keder sizes range from 4mm -8.5mm in white, black, and silver colors. Welded Flap is most used in the awning and marine industries.

Double Flap: consisting of two flaps, Double Flap Keder ‘sandwiches’ your fabric and then is welded or sewn to your material. This Keder comes in 4mm-15mm sizes in white, black, and silver colors. Double Flap Keder is commonly used in the awning, sign and banner and tenting & structure industries.

Why Keder Solutions

As an international company, Keder Solutions is proudly the only ‘Made in the USA’ Keder Manufacturer. We have a ginormous inventory of the highest quality Keder products and accessory. In addition to our top-of-the-line customer service, our turnaround time is lightning fast with 99% of our orders going out the same day.  Whether your Keder project is for a DIY Home Project or for an International Corporation, you will be treated like you are our number one customer.

Learn more about Keder styles, sizes and applications on Keder TV or contact your friendly Keder Expert today.