The key to industry progress has been and continues to be found in keder. Shaping both simple tents and extravagant clearspans, the years old invention advances the success and technology of the tenting industry. 

Earlier methods for joining panels laced adjacent sections with loops and grommets to mechanical fasteners, like plastic side release buckles or metal clips. This process was somewhat dangerous and not an easy task requiring more time on a ladder.  This process also shortened the life of the fabric by dragging the tops over the frames. 

Since then, keder has become a household name in the industry.  Keder is now used for several applications that require fabric to be attached to a frame. It can be installed many times and without even getting on a ladder. It is not visible in most projects, but we wouldn’t have the tents we do today without it. It is engineered for tolerance and reliability and creates an installer-friendly design.

Keder can be found in small 10-foot-wide marquee frames to the largest metric structures in the world. It continues to make our lives easier through tighter roof panels as well as sidewall systems that are superior.

Keder from Keder Solutions is here to stay and will continue to make all tent lives better by having what you need available and providing the quality product you have known over the years.