You’ve built your structure using Keder Solutions products––great work. Now, you may be wondering: What is the lifespan of my build? How durable are the parts? When do I need to replace certain parts?

Like any build, wear and tear is inevitable—Keder Solutions has the answer. Our team of professionals have determined five stages of wear on keder. Here, we’ll walk through each stage, what they mean, how to repair it and when to replace it with a new product.

STAGES 1 & 2

In these first two stages, your keder is either brand new or slightly used. At this point, no repair or replacement is necessary as nothing is compromised. Make sure to keep your build clear of debris or sharp objects and keep an eye on the wear patterns to maintain maximum durability.


At this stage your keder is visibly worn. You may notice fraying or small tears. Where needed, we may recommend repairs. However, your keder is still usable and the length of your keder still has life.


Here in stage 4, there is significant damage to the keder fabric. At this point, the keder is usable but prone to rips that could compromise your structure. If you are noticing this type of wear on your product, we recommend you either make repairs with our Repair Keder or replace the length of your keder.


In this final stage of wear, the keder is fully compromised and must be replaced. This is the worst-case scenario—when your keder fabric has become completely removed from its core or has frayed to the point of tearing off.

Though your build will face natural wearing, Keder Solutions is happy to help. It takes a lot of wear for keder to become unusable, but it is easily prevented by regularly inspecting, repairing and replacing your product.

That’s why our professionals recommend using DuraKeder™ fully-bonded keder for a more durable build. The keder fabric is fully bonded to its core, making it harder to reach those stage 4 and 5 levels of wear. To explore all of our keder, repair and durability options, visit our website or talk to a sales representative today.