American-made, and proud of it. Keder Solutions is unparalleled when it comes to multipurpose water-resistant fabrication solutions. As the first choice for commercial tent and structures, the marine and boating industry, and soft-signage & banner fabrication, we’ve built a reputation for dedication making us peerless in our trade.

How did we manage that, you ask?

First and foremost, we manufacture the highest quality products with great value. Secondly, one of our favorite sayings is “you can’t fake inventory.” We stock more inventory than anyone in the market and pair that with lightning-fast fulfillment on our entire catalog.

If you are in need of mildew-resistant SuperClear™ PVC vinyl to create the perfect water-resistant boat enclosure or a weather-tough PVC Textile to protect an outdoor area from the elements, we have it and can deliver it quickly.

Our ULTRA™ and KS1000™ Series offer a huge variety of options for tenting & structure, including: translucent and blackout fabrics, multiple color selections, weights, and styles.

How about Berry Compliant keder fabric? Keder Solutions offers PVC-coated, water-resistant textiles that front a strong defense against leakage.  

In addition, our Keder, Keder Rails, Curtain Hangers, and other Accessories are integral in creating a long-lasting and tightly-sealed design. Our products are developed to keep “the great outdoors” exactly where they belong…outside. 

Keder Solutions also offers dependable and speedy turn-around on converting services, fabric slitting, and re-rolling necessities. We convert customized requests from fresh rolls of keder fabric, vinyl, and coated/laminated materials, then re-roll them for easy transport. 

It’s not bragging – it’s just facts

Our extensive provisions and services make it easy for our customers to find what they are looking for in a one-stop-shop experience. We are committed to shipping orders same-day, allowing us to provide our clients with a service they know they can count on. What truly puts us on top of the competition is our customer service–our team is staffed with the most knowledgeable and experienced keder professionals to assist with your build. Check out Keder TV for helpful product demonstrations, use our live chat feature for immediate questions, or contact us directly through our website. 

So, how can Keder Solutions help you?

Known for our cutting-edge and high-quality products, Keder Solutions has your back.