Marine & Canvas

Keder Solutions offers versatile water-resistant Fabric & Vinyls & other durable products for seamless MARINE applications.

A maritime spirit flows through the blood of many.

In order to fully quench that thirst for the open sea, a sailor and his vessel must be adequately equipped to hold their own against the ocean.  Thankfully, Keder Solutions’ collection of water resistant provisions and Marine Keder material provide model resolutions for an array of nautical necessities.  Whether you are looking for a variety of Marine Curtain Fabric, the Keder or PVC Flexible Rails for installations around the curvature of a craft, Keder Solutions has the inventory to deliver a custom fix for a host of seafaring situations.

Keder products are commonly used in the Marine industry for waterproof curtains and tarpsas well as awning rails to securely hold Keder accessories PVC cord is inherently weather-resistant, and is  used as welting- sewn into ship furniture and other naval purposes.  Whether you need supplies for a full yacht enclosure, double-sided hemming tape or Keder patches for regular boat curtain repairs, Keder Solutions has your demands covered from start to finish.

A revolutionary, economical method commonly used for boat tops and curtains, marine industry Keder & rails offer protection, safety, as well as other comforts to make your time on the water productive & enjoyable. SUPERCLEAR™ VINYL is used to develop versatile see-through enclosures to shield against the water’s elements with no visual obstruction. Keder Solutions has helped mariners across the globe with innovative applications to maximize comfort and security when on the open water.

Capable of supplying a vast assortment of curtain fabric  & accessories for fabrication and  fixes aimed at seafaring vessels alongside other marine Keder essentials, contact Keder Solutions to see how we can assist you with the perfect solution for your marine needs today.