Sailors and their ships must be equipped to stand their ground in the water. Keder Solutions offers versatile, water-repellent rails, fabrics and other durable products for seamless marine applications. There are many track materials that can be used, including PVC, aluminum and stainless steel. Here, we’ll focus on the most common choice: PVC rails.

PVC is lightweight, durable and well-suited for water applications and marine equipment. Its low weight makes it good for fuel efficiency, speed, and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, corrosive salt water and harmful UV rays. It is inexpensive and readily available, making it a preferred choice over metal tracks.

Our PVC rails are the perfect solution for creating a weather-tight seal between multiple pieces of fabric and different types of materials. We offer single, double or our brand-new triple rail to create the frame or track you need. Our PVC rail can also be heated to fit bends and turns.

Finally, we offer a variety of custom lengths and colors to personalize your PVC product. Shop our full range of PVC rail here or contact a sales representative today to place your customized order and be ready for summer.