While you may have a general idea for what fabric or vinyl your project requires, there are numerous specifications in our product lineup that should be carefully considered before making your ultimate decision. From small residential awnings to large-scale commercial structures for thousands of people, your project’s specific demands will determine what material you will need to invest in. With this in mind, our team continues to stock our vast inventory each day to offer you the most possible options and high quality from the start. On any given day, we have nearly 1,000 rolls of fabric equaling roughly 2,500,000 square feet on our shelves. With 2,500,000 square feet of fabric available, we are confident we have the right solution for your application. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more about our products and read about the essential factors that will set your project up for success below.


It is crucial to evaluate the intended use of your fabric or vinyl, as your unique situation is the basis of your ultimate decision. If your structure is indoors at a venue, you will most likely not need a material as heavy-duty compared to outdoor tents with varying weather conditions.

Be sure to verify the climate surrounding an outdoor structure, as the sun, rain, and snow have the most significant impact on the lasting performance, upkeep, and aesthetic of your fabric. Another aspect to keep in mind is whether your structure is permanent or temporary. When transporting a temporary structure from location to location, maintaining portability is a must.

Material Strength

After you have assessed the ins and outs of your specific application, you will need to evaluate the necessary strength you need in a material. The constant use of your fabric will cause wear and tear over time, so a heavier, more durable fabric should be utilized for a shelter in persistent use versus a decorative piece.

Flexibility is a crucial element that comes into play relating directly to the dimensional stability of your structure. When covering the frame, your fabric is stretched to a certain tightness. The duration and amount of force under tension will determine the gauge required so your fabric doesn’t tear or crack. Lastly, consider whether you would like your vinyl to be laminated or coated. Typically, a coated fabric has higher strength capabilities and will hold up longer for outdoor structural builds.

Material Resistance

Structures used in outdoor spaces are susceptible to the elements and wind. If your structure is prone to moisture, make sure to maintain the structural integrity of your project with our mildew-resistant fabrics. In addition, selecting a heavier gauge fabric will help with stability and prevent any wind from disrupting your endeavors.

In warmer conditions with sun exposure, selecting a vinyl that will reflect heat is optimal to avoid discoloration and fading. Consider a lighter color material with ultraviolet-resistant capabilities. We also offer fire-resistant options to comply with state regulations that may apply to your project.


We take great pride in ensuring your structure looks as you imagined it to be. We offer a variety of colors and textures in our lineup so you can customize the look of your project. Also, consider the amount of light that you would like to pass through the material. We offer three different options of transparency: blockout, translucent, and fully transparent.

Our Solutions

At Keder Solutions, we confidently ensure that the reliable systems we provide are engineered and manufactured with the upmost quality and precision. While you may have an instinct to go with cheaper alternatives, know that these provide substandard performance and increased costs down the road. The best route is partnering with us for long-term solutions and getting your project to stand out. Please reach out to our team to learn more about our product lineup and discuss your project’s specific needs today!