Soft signage, Banner & Printing

Keder Solutions offers a portfolio of products that deliver agile, resilient options designed to make your signage stronger and sleeker.

Radical advancements in manufacturing have had beneficial effects on just about everything, but modern advertising and image reproduction stand out.  Evolutions in fabric, strong/lightweight material, inks, and more have pushed the capabilities of signs & prints to a place where the parameters are limitless for creating high-quality signage.

There is an increasing demand for solutions which affix printed cloth to aluminum frames in large format printing for both PVC banners and textile frames. Printed fabric cloth in aluminum frames are used for the construction of exhibition stands i.e. in-stores signage, POS and Expo Displays. Textile frames are also being used in environments such as retail stores, museums & offices.

Meeting the high need for a durable material to fasten printed PVC banners or textile soft-signage to aluminum frames for efficient signs that are tough, versatile, and aesthetic, Keder products deliver.  Single and Double Flap Keder can be welded, as well as sewn directly to textile or PVC banners which are then inserted into Keder Rails for installation. Our Keder Rails are also frequently used to install Flags.  Flat Keder – allows Soft signage( also known as fabric frame system or fabric frame display) to lock into an aluminum frame system [SEG] – creates a tight, strong and sleek finished look. We have taken Flat Keder to the next level, offering it in Silicone, PVC, and also an eco-friendly solution… EcoKeder™, made from recycled PVC & can be recycled into PVC applications indefinitely. PVC Keder Cord can be sewn into the edge of your textile to create a welt that can be inserted into your rail system. All this combined with a large variety of Fasteners & Accessories are available for all applications.

Confronting the difficulties of our clients’ diverse requests for soft-signage ads, flags, weatherproof banners, and a variety of resilient quality textile prints with adaptable resolutions, contact Keder Solutions to let us help you realize the visual aspirations of your image.

Products used in this industry:

Flat Keder EdgeA flat piece of flexible PVC is sewn into the edge of your printed textile cloth & graphics, which allows your Soft signage( also known as fabric frame system or fabric frame display) to lock into an aluminum frame. This system creates a tight, strong & sleek finished look. This versatile method enables you to switch out graphics repeatedly, without having to replace the frame. There are many applications for textile frames, such as: LED frames, backlit & front-lit frames, stand construction, retail & interiors. PVC is more cost effective than silicone, plus it has minimal stretch. 

PVC Keder CordRounded, solid and flexible PVC Cord is designed especially for banners. The Cord is sewn into the hem of the banner. The banner can then be attached in a Keder Rail profile.

Keder Rail: Keder Rail is available in multiple single and double profiles; PVC and aluminum. The profile can be attached easily onto various surfaces by means of screws or bolts. After the PVC Keder Cord is incorporated into the printed textile cloth or banners, they can be secured/inserted into Keder Rail.

Single and Double Flap Keder: This can be welded or sewn directly to your textile or PVC banners and inserted into a Keder Rail for installation

Keder Solutions also offers a full line of weatherproof PVC Fabrics & Vinyl