Spring Savings ULTRA VINYL-2500 | Keder Solutions


Spring is in the air and we are rolling out our Spring Savings ULTRA VINYL-2500 Special and passing along the savings to our loyal customers. For the month of April, Keder Solutions customers* can receive a 20% discount on our already competitively-priced, ULTRA VINYL-2500.

Your read that correctly, TWENTY PERCENT!


25oz PVC Coated Vinyl

Acrylic Lacquer (both sides)

Coating: Easy Cleaning because it attracts less dirt

98.5″ & 61″ wide

White, Blockout

UV, Anti-Mildew & F/R Treatment


Don’t just take our word on how exceptional the ULTRA-2500 VINYL is, look to your neighbors who have already jumped on the Keder Solutions’ ULTRA VINYL-2500 train and find out why you should be taking advantage of this Spring Savings at Keder Solutions.

“I’ve been using ULTRA-2500 for a several years now. Manufacturing enjoys working with the product and the end result is outstanding. Value to Performance, it’s a great alternative to other products out there.”  

George Smith, Mahaffey Fabric Structures

“Anytime you introduce a new product there is a potential for problems. Since we have started using ULTRA-2500 we have not encountered a single issue. The manufacturing process has been seamless and the feedback from our installation crews and customers has been nothing but positive. The product is easy to work with and is visually compatible to other coated fabrics in our inventory. We see an incredible value in this product.”  

Mike Holland, Chattanooga Tent Company


Already hooked on the savings you are going to receive on the ULTRA VINYL-2500? Call today and reserve your discounted SPRING SAVINGS ULTRA VINYL-2500 with a Keder Solutions representative. All orders must be received by close-of-business on April, 30, 2016. Discount is exclusive to first-time ULTRA VINYL-2500 customers. Discount only eligible to orders greater than 500 yards.