Keder Solutions is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Keder Solutions’s Vinyl Product Family, the KS1600™. That’s right….KS1600™ is in the house! What is so unique about the KS1600™?

We are so happy you asked.

For starters, KS1600™ has a gloss finish on both sides which helps you keep your Keder events and projects looking glamorous and free from dirt and grime buildup which save you on cleaning costs. The best part? The KS1600™ is printable allowing you to dominate the spotlight with your branded projects. Check out the KS1600™ specs below and see how it can be used for your ‘Keder Beautiful’: awning, sign and banner, tarp and tenting and structure projects!

KS1600™ Product Description

Laminate Vinyl: Blockout, 16 oz., 100 Yard Roll, F/R Treatment (NFPA, California Fire Marshal). UV, Anti-Mildew Treatment.

Industries commonly used:

Tenting & Structure, Tarp, Awning, Sign & Banner


61”  Wide



Spec Sheet Coming Soon

With the support from our Keder Solutions’ Experts you can bring your ‘Keder Beauty’ to the next level! From awning, sign and banners, to tarp, tenting and structure projects there is no project too big or too small for Keder Solutions. Chat with our experts today to learn more and start letting that Keder Beauty shine through!

Keder Solutions’ Client Spotlight is shining bright on the expert manufacturers of tension fabric buildings, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures of South Windsor, Connecticut. Known as the problem-solvers of any application challenge, ClearSpan™ provides customized, fabric-structure solutions for both domestic and international industries. From Agricultural, Athletic and Aviation Industries to Commercial, Military, Equestrian and everything in between—ClearSpan™ has the building and storage solution for every industry from A-Z.

If you know anything about Keder Solutions, you know that we absolutely LOVE showing off what our clients are up to; we also love illustrating the variety of solutions that are put into play every day with the help of Keder Solutions’ products. From start to seamless-finish, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures’ building and storage projects will never disappoint.

ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures Profile

ClearSpan™  provides fabric structures that are durable, economical and designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are custom engineered for location and application, provide energy-efficient solutions, optimized space and allow for a variety of accessories to suit each client’s needs. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and are easy to relocate.   From conceptualization and engineering to installation— ClearSpan™ stands by each building and fabric structure with a 50-year frame warranty and 20-year cover warranty. With the help of Keder Solutions’ Keder products, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures are not only ready to stand the test of time, their beauty starts from the inside-out.

What is Structure Keder:

Structure Keder is commonly used in the tenting, temporary and permanent structure industry. Keder is an attachment mechanism that secures a tight and smooth connection between vinyl tops & sidewalls to Keder Rail/structure. Keder Solutions’ Keder can be used on all major structure & frame tents which makes us a perfect partner for ClearSpan™.  Products commonly used in this industry include:  Keder, Vinyl, Rails, Gator Hangers®, Keder Rail Clamps, Repair Tape.  When a structure Keder supply company like Keder Solutions partners with the leaders of at ClearSpan™, the end result is undisputed, fabric structure perfection.

ClearSpan™ Brings Home an ‘ACE!’ 

A little unpredictable weather didn’t stop ClearSpan™ from finding a solution for the Cape Henry Racquet Club. With five outdoor courts, the Cape Henry Racquet Club found it was losing out to Mother Nature due to cancelled lessons. The ClearSpan™ Solution: a 120 x 106 Hercules Truss Arch Building that allowed for natural light for tennis players, provided the business with an energy-efficient solution– and most importantly saved them from losing revenue due to weather conditions and cancelled lessons. Bonus Solution: the new building also doubles as an event space for banquets and parties up to 200 guests— making this project a beautiful ‘game-set-match’ for ClearSpan™.

tennis fabric structure clearspan

Featured Keder Solutions’ Products Used: Keder Solutions’ Double Flap Keder.

Big congratulations to our partners ClearSpan™ for their trail-blazing fabric structure solutions and a very, special ‘thank you’ in allowing us to show the world how all of your projects are truly “Beautiful from the Inside-Out”. To see more Keder Beautiful Projects from ClearSpan stay tuned to Keder Solutions News. To find your fabric structure solution visit the experts at ClearSpan™ today.


Keder Solutions is putting your Keder Knowledge to the test with the first ever Keder Solutions Scavenger Hunt!

What’s better than a little Keder Fun? Answer: Having some Keder Fun AND winning prizes and saving money!

So join in the fun and scavenge your way to some Keder Solutions Surprises!

Keder Solutions Scavenger Hunt

The rules are simple and anyone can play from their mobile device or computer. Simply find the following items on our new fancy website, send us an email with the answers and be automatically entered to win a Keder Solutions Polaroid Cube and Monkey Stand which can be used to capture all of your amazing Keder projects! And just for playing you will automatically receive a Keder Scavenger Hunt Discount that can be used on all of our Keder Products. It’s a win-win…win!


  1. No Cost to Enter
  2. Entrant must correctly complete the below three clues and email answers to: 
  3. All persons/companies that participate by submitting a Keder Solutions Scavenger Hunt Email will automatically qualify for a *credit towards their next Keder Solutions Purchase.
  4. All correct entries will be put into a lottery and randomly selected.
  5. Winner will be the proud owner of a Polaroid Cube AND Monkey Stand for said Polaroid Cube.
  6. Monkey Talk and Scavenger Rallying amongst participants is not only allowed, it is encouraged.


  1. The Grand Prize Winner of the Keder Solutions Scavenger Hunt will win a Polaroid Cube Prize AND a Monkey Stand for said Polaroid Cube! (Imagine the possibilities of showcasing your Keder Projects!)
  2. *ALL Keder Solutions’ Scavenger Hunt participants will automatically receive a $25 credit voucher towards their next order of $100 or more. (Imagine the possibilities with your upcoming Keder Projects!)
polaroid cube and monkey stand

And the winner of the Monkey! & Polaroid Cube™ Prize Goes To….



  1. Your first clue is hidden, it’s location is not too far. Find our two newest Products with numbers in the name, then tell us what they are.
  2. The next clue is even more hidden, you can find it in the News. Find our newest International Client and be dubbed some Super Sleuths.
  3. You are nearly at the end. Get ready for some Keder Fun.  Simply find and name a Keder Industry Application other than your own.



All prizes are awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied. No substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent of prize is permitted. Any and all applicable federal, state or local taxes, and any other costs, fees, and expenses not explicitly stated herein as being awarded, are the sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary. Participants must be 18 years or older to enter. Prize awarded to company c/o owner or authorized personnel and it is highly suggested that company use said Polaroid and Monkey to take super awesome shots of their Keder Solutions Projects for the world to see. Use of Information: When you enter, you give us permission to publish your comment(s) in other places (i.e. on our facebook page and/or our blog and/or our websites).  This includes your “thumbnail” profile picture and your display name. We may use your participation in social references and/or the announcement of winners. We will not sell or share your comments with any other 3rd party.

When Keder Solutions’ customers need a “keder solution”, that is exactly what we provide them! Recently a customer communicated a challenge in their manufacturing process using Single Flap Keder. This request led to the development of a new product.

Drum roll please…. !!  We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the Keder Solutions’ family, the 3200 Series Keder.

3200 Series Keder

The 3200 Series Keder may have been born out of just one customer’s request but it’s benefits are now available to all. The vinyl flap is white on both sides and paired with a hefty 32oz Panama fabric encasing the keder rope. These 2 fabrics together create a total “blockout” solution. In addition, the 3200 Series, combined with the Keder Solutions’ Ultra 2500 Vinyl, is a dream come true for Tenting & Structure applications, as well as Awning, Sign & Banner. And as luck would have it, is available in All Keder Solutions’ profiles including: Single, Double, Welded and Repair Flap Keder.

Standard Keder rolls come in 200 yards (smaller quantities are available upon request). Size(s): 4mm – 15mm. Color/Material: White on the front, white on the back. You can’t find this kind of Keder Solution anywhere on the market because being the Keder Kings… we custom manufactured the 3200 Series Keder.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about Keder Solutions’ 3200 Series Keder…


“Keith listened to our needs and created a product that works for our manufacturing requirements. We appreciate the option of a custom solution when the situation calls for it.”

-Pat Moughan, Losberger US

For more information on the 3200 Series Keder contact your sales representative today and with the help of Keder Solutions, your beautiful projects will become stronger, sleeker and sexier. Beauty From the Inside Out; it’s the Keder Solutions way.


Keder Solutions’ world renowned “Keder Keith” has landed in Orlando, Florida and is getting ready to exhibit at the ISA Sign Expo 2016!

ISA Sign Expo 2016

This show features everything from custom and traditional large format applications to printing equipment and all the latest innovations for signage and banners. The ISA International Sign Expo is the place to connect you to anything and everything you could imagine in the signage industry. Your’s truly, the Keder (Solutions) King, has hit the ground running and can’t wait to connect with you on the show floor TODAY – Saturday.

Question: What’s the Keder King doing at ISA International Sign Expo?

Answer:  Demonstrating how Keder makes everything signage look good from the Inside Out. Keder is commonly used in the digital print industry for banners, signs, billboards and displays. PVC Cord is also sometimes sewn into banner pockets and inserted directly into a Keder Rail.  Common products used in this industry include: Cord, Single and Double Flap Keder and Aluminum Rails.



A match made in Keder Heaven.

Stop by booth #488 to meet Keder Keith and see first hand how your signage solution can be found at Keder Solutions.