In the tent rental business, leaders understand the importance of treating a tent with the same pride as an office or showroom. A good tent is an investment that can serve you well through many years of conventions, expos, and seasonal events.

Not all tents are created equal, of course, and good structural components are a must for getting peak

performance from your investment. Clients can’t afford to have your tent go down – literally! – in the middle of their big day. Attention to quality is important.

A crucial part of your tent is the tab or hanger system it uses. This helps determine whether your tent
is really weatherproof, how well it stands up to repeated use, and is a key component in determining whether or not your client will become a repeat customer.

A good keder system makes installations a breeze and will cut down on install times. What could be better than that? The answer is the Keder Rail Hangers. What is a Keder Rail Hangers? It is a robust PVC hanger that takes your tent to the next level of appearance, durability, and performance.

Keder Rail Hangers are superior to other hanging methods such as, keder tabs, because …

1) Keder Rail Hangers are Easy to Attach and Use

Tents are hard enough to install already, why not make certain components of that tent easier? Keder Rail Hangers® make life simple thanks to their easy installation and sliding ability. Keder Rail Hangers also make it easier than ever for you to divide the space inside your tent, giving your client more flexibility with their space.

2) Keder Rail Hangers Provide a Wider Opening 

Anyone who has used conventional keder tabs in the past knows that they cannot get their two-piece sidewall open to its full capacity. With Keder Rail Hangers, you can give your clients a true “open tent” experience. The hangers give you the ability to stack the sidewall substantially tighter to the legs of the structure than keder tabs would allow. A more open sidewall is much more appealing for guests to view the surroundings of the event and more inviting to walk through.

3) Keder Rail Hangers are More Durable

When it comes to the lifespan of your tent, everything depends on how long the various support elements will last. Keder Rail Hangers are much more durable than conventional keder tabs and our competitor’s plastic hangers.  Keder Rail Hangers are 70% stronger than the competition’s. Take a look at the third party testing below.

4) Keder Rail Hangers are Fully Field Replaceable

What happens if a traditional keder tab breaks? The entire piece of sidewall has to be replaced and now the job can’t be completed until the new piece of sidewall arrives to the jobsite. With Keder Rail Hangers, the show can go on: these hangers can easily be replaced onsite in a matter of seconds. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

5) Keder Rail Hangers are More Appealing

Older systems allow sidewalls to flap in the breeze or look mismatched and uneven. In any situation where the look of your tent is your first impression, that simply won’t do. Keder Rail Hangers give tents a sturdy, professional, clean look suitable for the most formal occasions.

6) Keder Rail Hangers Stay Clean Longer

The texture of a keder tab is a magnet for dirt and grime. The material of the Keder Rail Hangers is non-porous and therefore repels dirt. This allows the Keder Rail Hangers to look brand new at every event.

All in all, Keder Rail Hangers are much more attractive for your guests and make installation a breeze. These hangers make it easier to get the most out of your tent sidewalls while keeping them in service longer and making expensive repair bills far less likely.

With a better and cleaner look, faster setup, and lower costs, Keder Rail Hangers improve customer experience by leaps and bounds. You’ll find them to be a major advantage over the basic keder tabs you’ve used in the past. Separate yourself from the competition and start using Keder Rail Hangers today! You won’t regret it!