Say ‘hello’ to Keder Solutions’ newest International Client: AML Eventos of Guatemala. It’s time to show you how the experts at AML Eventos utilize Keder Solutions’ Keder products for a variety of applications.

We LOVE showing off what our clients are up to; we also love illustrating the variety of solutions that are put into play everyday with the help of Keder Solutions’ products. From start to seamless-finish AML Eventos’ completed project pictures will not disappoint.


Keder is an attachment mechanism that secures a tight and smooth connection between vinyl tops & sidewalls to Keder Rail/structure. Our Keder can be used on all major structure & frame tents. We also offer Repair Keder for replacement of worn or damaged Keder on tent and frame structures. Keder is also commonly used in pool covers, signage, awnings and shades.

How Keder Works


With a team with combined service of over 40 years, AML Eventos offers customized rental solutions for roofs, floors and event accessories. From awnings and tents, to parasols, pool covers and everything in-between–AML Eventos provides top-of-the-line event products to suit each client’s need. When a tent and event keder company like Keder Solutions partners with a seasoned event company such as AML Eventos, the result is tent, structure and event magic.

A big congratulations to AML Eventos on all of their projects utilizing Keder Solutions’ tent, structure and event Keder. And a very, special ‘thank you’ in allowing us to show the world how all of your projects are truly “Beautiful from the Inside-Out”.

aml eventos collage