Welcome to the Keder Solutions Blog, your source for all commercial tent related news, issues and events. First, let me tell you a little bit about us.  Keder Solutions is a division of Keder Solutions, LLC and we have a simple focus: to prevent leaky events from ruining events worldwide. Our thirty years of industry experience makes us the “go to” company for event-saving tent needs.

Our keder is one of a kind.  We manufacture our keder in-house allowing us to guarantee great keder.  We can also customize orders of most colors and sizes per request.  Our color-coded keder cord system allows for a frustration-free installation.

Our quality products ensure well-built, superior tents.  Keder Rails come in a variety of styles, with a clear finish that protects against the harshest conditions.  Our Gator Hangers® make tents multi-functional by allowing you to subdivide your tent space.  We also stock a heavy-duty vinyl, reinforced to prevent leaks.

Keder Solutions same day shipping policy has proven successful with 99% of our orders being shipped the same day the order was placed.  And if there is ever a problem, we take pride in being able to handle the situation immediately.  Keder Solutions works hard to ensure the reliability of its products and service.

We have built our company on values such as integrity, trust and a commitment to excellence.  With Keder Solutions, you can expect great customer service and expertise that will ensure your commercial tent is completed to your highest standards.

On this blog, we will inform, entertain and hopefully delight you.  We will highlight our clients and show you some cool events under tents.  This will be a place to inspire and ignite the imagination as you are initiated into Keder World!

So please subscribe and join us in our crusade to prevent leaky tents from ruining events worldwide!