When it comes to modern display advertising, Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are the new standard. Capable of displaying anything with photographic precision, these durable textile frames are tough, ultra-lightweight, and sleek. To keep SEG’s on display, they need support that is just as versatile – that’s where Keder Solutions shines.

As universal as SEG’s have become in out-of-home advertising and expositions, so has Keder Solution’s SEG Flat Keder. The best reinforcement to stay adaptable, our Flat Keder for SEG creates a tight, strong, and sleek finish and is a simple method for moving or switching graphics without having to replace the frame. Keder Solutions provides a selection of options:

Silicone Flat Keder

SEG Silicone Flat Keder can be sewn into the edge of your printed textile cloth or graphics, allowing soft signage to lock into an SEG aluminum frame. This system creates a tight, strong, and sleek finish. As is expected, Silicone Flat SEG Keder enables you to switch out graphics repeatedly without having to replace the frame.

PVC Flat Keder 

This flat piece of flexible SEG PVC Keder is sewn into the edge of printed graphics, allowing soft signage to lock into an aluminum frame. Bringing a smooth look, Flat PVC Keder works with all SEG applications for textile frames, including SEG LED frames – both back and front-lit.


For eco-conscious SEG frame support, EcoKeder™ is the answer. Providing everything PVC and Silicone Flat Keder deliver, it’s the most environmentally-conscious SEG solution.  

EcoKeder™ Facts

  • EcoKeder™ is made from recycled PVC & can be recycled into PVC applications indefinitely.
  • EcoKeder™ has superior chemical and heat resistance properties, and when it comes to corrosion, you’re protected.
  • EcoKeder™ has the ability to resist flex and vibration, and offers minimal shrinkage upon cure.
  • EcoKeder™ is lightweight and makes assembly a breeze.

With Keder Solutions’ Flat Keder line, you will find the best solution for your SEG project.